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Currently I have been making large scale canvas pieces (on average 4ft X 8ft)  with the hope of gallery representation in the near future. The past few months, I have had two shows that went very well. I am continuing to create art as much as possible and enjoying every minute of the process. If interested in prices or purchasing any artwork, and all other inquires, please contact via email at justin.luehr@gmail.com.

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Self taught artist from Portland, OR. My work is a representation of what I see in our society. How we interact with others and how we move forward.

My medium is a broad range of recycled materials, canvases, or anything that seems fitting for the piece. Currently I have been using an assortment of acrylic paints, paint pens and ink. I am a big advocate for protecting our environment and I believe using recycled materials brings more out of a piece, all while giving these materials a second life.

I hope you enjoy my work, and feel free to reach out for inquires or questions.

EMAIL: justin.luehr@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: justinluehr.art

Thank You.